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28mm Painted

28mm WWII painted British 8th Army. Bolt Action. Plastic/metal. Perry Brothers


28mm bolt action painted British Commandos


28mm awi french british perry, partial painted


Bolt Action 28mm Painted US Airborne Squad


28mm WWII painted German Africa Korp. DAK Bolt Action. Plastic Perry Brothers


AWI, 28mm 23rd Foot, black powder, sharpes, pro painted


28mm American Tank, Sherman, painted


28mm Painted Bolt Action 24 British Infantry Bren Carrier WWII


28mm Painted Confederate miniatures (36)


28mm AWI painted American Southern Theater army


28mm Painted Bolt Action US 50 Cal and Crew WWII


28mm Napoleonic Prussian Infantry, 3rd RIR, Professionally Painted Miniatures


Painted 28mm Gripping Beast Saxon Warband for SAGA Aetius and Arthur


Bolt Action 28mm USMC Painted Ponkskater And Heavy Infantry Konflikt 47


28mm Napoleonic British, pro painted, black powder, sharpes practice.


28mm Japanese Tank, Bolt Action, painted


28mm Hessian Jaegers, AWI, pro painted, Sharpes practice, black powder


28mm Metal French artillery nicely painted 4 guns with crew Redoubt figs


28mm Muddy Limber, AWI, pro painted, Sharpes practice, black powder


28mm well painted Anglo Saxons


28mm painted Foundy Late Medieval Knights


20 x Miniatures Napoleonic 28mm Bavarian Infantry Professionally Painted


28mm Painted Star Fort With Gate And Wall 9 Pieces.


28mm 8 Painted Foundry Pirates Based On Washers. Lot#1


28mm Bolt Action WW2 British Infantry Squad (x10 Painted)


28mm Bolt Action WW2 Go For Broke! Nisei US Infantry Squad (Painted)


28mm painted Foundry Civil War Southern Gentlemen


Painted Rumbleslam wrestler "The Chief" 28mm


28mm 8 Painted Civil War Foot Based On Washers


28 mm Painted Dark Age Thatched House


Painted 28mm custom grav droid snipers x4 Rogue Stars Star Wars Starfinder


Painted Rumbleslam wrestler "Henchilada" 28mm


28mm Napoleonic French Artillery Bugler, Mounted, Professionally Painted