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28mm Painted

ACW, 28mm Federal unit, pro painted


28mm painted Foundry Civil War Southern Gentlemen


28 mm Painted Small Dark Age/ Medieval Thatched House


Painted 28mm Napoleonic Front Rank  Austrian Hussars


Painted 28mm mid 19th Century Piedmont  Line Cavalry


28mm Painted Miniatures - BTD Soviet Partisan Squad - Bolt Action


28mm WWII German PAK 40 with crew Painted Bolt Action


Arena Rex painted 28mm Gladiator Starter Sets x2 & Rulebook Fantasy Reaper Lot


28 mm Painted Dark Age Thatched House


Perry Miniatures, ACW 28mm, 4 boxes, un painted


Painted Bolt Action 28mm WWII Soviet Unit 10 Man Squad.


AWI, 28mm 23rd Foot, black powder, sharpes, pro painted


28mm AWI Continental/Militia line Regiment (16 figures) Painted


1/56 28mm well painted German Volksgrenadiers Squad


28mm WWII Soviet Siberian Veterans Squad (12 figs) Painted Bolt Action


WWII Russian Infantry 28mm Metal Painted 12 figures Eureka Miniatures Lot 8


28mm WWII Soviet T 34/76 Warlord Games Painted Bolt Action


28mm 3 Painted Barricades Based On Thick Card


English Civil War - 28mm Harquebusiers - painted, ECW, TYW


28mm WWII Winter Germans in long coats (16 figures) Painted -Bolt Action


28 mm Painted Fortified Medieval 2 Story House


28mm SYW / Seven Year War Austrian Infantry Figures Professionally Painted




28mm 30mm Painted Civil War Confederate Virginia 1st Cavalry Lead Toy Soldiers


28mm WWII Soviet HQ, Flame Thrower Snipers(x2) Medic Painted Bolt Action


Painted 28mm , Space miniatures , LOT M-6


28mm 30mm Painted American Civil War Confederate Artillery Wargame Lead Soldiers


28mm Painted Parthian/Palmyran Cataphracts (A & A Miniatures)


22 x Well Painted 28mm AWI British Grenadiers


28mm 30mm Painted oAmerican Civil War Confederate Wargame Lead Toy Soldiers


25/28mm Painted Earthen Fort 10 Piece Set Used For Pirate


1/56 28mm painted WW2 Bolt Action German truck with camouflage - Make Offer


28mm Medieval Norman / Crusader Knights Command Group x3 - Nicely Painted


#4, 28mm WWII US Para's, Pro painted; Based & Flocked for Bolt Action/Disp Heros


25/28mm Painted WW1/WW2 Storage Depot


25/28 mm 8 Painted Foundry Pirates Based On Washers Lot#2


25/28mm Painted Redoubt With Surrounded By Zulu Dead Diorama


28mm Foundry and Old Glory ACW Union at ease, 36 figures painted litko bases


SAGA: 8 Milites Christi Sergeants metal painted 28mm miniatures Crusaders (1pt.)


28mm miniatures, modern day zombi survivor, well painted.


28mm pro-painted Greeks [8]


Medievil War Archers 28 mm-Professional plastic painted 54 pcs Perry miniatures


Painted 28mm Confederate Metal Sash & Saber




painted 28mm metal figures American Civil Union soldiers 3 figures set